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Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ben Soyka
Ben Soyka
Hey, friend! It’s been over a month since my last email, so I figured I’d roll up what I’ve shared online recently!

Starry Treasures
Ben Soyka
Just listed some AI-generated NFTs made with @get_starryai!

Check them out, starting at 0.00045 ETH:
To start things off, I created a small NFT collection called Starry Treasures with AI-generated artwork, starting at around $2 each based on prices at the time.
Move to Cloudflare
Ben Soyka
I just transferred my domain to @cloudflare, the world's first no-markup registrar. #CloudflareWave7
I moved my domain,, to Cloudflare’s new no-markup registrar, and I have no complaints! It’s great having almost everything from my website in one place, including hosting, DNS, and more.
I found an awesome note-taking template for Notion! I’ve been using it since then and I love it!
Ben Soyka
Just made a Python library to generate timestamps for Discord messages — check it out! 🐍
I started a Python library to generate Discord timestamps. It’s on GitHub!
Newsletter sign-up form
Ben Soyka
Check out the new subscribe form on! 🎉

And, of course, feel free to sign up after staring at the gradient! 😉 (I don't spam, and I'll never sell your info.)
Last, but certainly not least, I set up a new form on my website for folks to sign up to receive this very newsletter!
Ben Soyka
Finally, thanks to some of the other awesome @PythonDiscord staff for helping me test this out! 💌

(Looking at @gustavodinger and @dawnofmidnight_ especially!)
Thanks for reading!
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Wishing you an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!
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Ben Soyka
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