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New platform for my newsletter

Ben Soyka
Ben Soyka
Hey, friend! I’ve moved to a new platform for my newsletter — Revue!

Ben Soyka
I’m moving my #newsletter to @revue! Their platform is more modern and well-integrated with Twitter than Mailchimp.

In fact, you can even subscribe from my profile now! Sign up to know what I’m up to across the Internet!
Privacy information
Protecting your information and privacy is still my top priority. I will never sell your email address or any other personal information, and I’ll update my privacy policy to reflect this switch to Revue as soon as possible.
What you need to do
Nothing! Your info has already been transferred to Revue. If you’re receiving this email, you’re subscribed!
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Ben Soyka
Ben Soyka @bsoyka3

I'm a high school sophomore with some time to spare — here's what I'm up to across the Internet!

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